Cargo and Shipment Assurance
All your orders are in secure and discreet packages. Courier or cargo carrying
The company knows the product content. Necessary information on the box of your products
is writing.
Except for products specified as expedited shipping, if your order is out of working hours
it is loaded in the first 3 (three) working days following the order. of the products to you
In order for the products to be shipped, the necessary payment transactions are made by you.
must be completed.
Only your signature at the time of delivery so that we can track your receipt of your products.
required. If you are not at the address when the cargo arrives, do not worry.
The address of the place where you need to receive your cargo will be left as a note on your door. your cargo
In case you cannot receive it, your order will be repeated approximately 1 (one) week later.
will be shipped back to us.
4. Delivery and Pricing
When you order your products, the product you receive automatically by the system and
Depending on the effect of the region you are in, the shipping fee is charged to you during shopping.
information will be displayed and the shipping fee will be charged from you and the contract of our own company will be
It will be delivered to you with the agreement with the cargo company. The period and
According to the campaigns, free shipping service can be offered by us. This
The application is valid only within Turkey and outside of Turkey and sent to the TRNC.
will be invalidated in the products and from the customer according to the overseas pricing schedule.
pricing will be made, for this pricing, the customer will be contacted and informed.
will be given.